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SeaTour Tel Aviv – Jaffa & Charters

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SeaTour Tel Aviv – Jaffa

Sailing tour – Tel Aviv


Discover Tel-Aviv from a very special angle that only a few have the chance to get. At one glance we’ll scroll through 4,000 years of history. The name Tel Aviv itself is a clue by itself: it’s the literary translation of the Theodor Herzl book: Alte Neuland “An old new land”. Tel is an archeological term designing very ancient places and Aviv means “spring”, symbol of renewal. By the way, at the very beginning of the city, one of the options was calling it “Herzlia”… Welcome to Tel Aviv:

The Tel Aviv history begins in Jaffa, 4,000 years ago. It is the oldest natural port on earth, still active until now.

from the sea:

The conspicuous tower on the top of the hill is the Saint Petrus Church tower.

We can see 2 mosque’s minaret: the Sea Mosque inside the harbor with its green canopy and tall Mahmudia mosque on the left. By the way, sailors use those 2 minarets to enter the port, their alignment show the safe path between the washed rocks. On those rocks, according the legend, Andromeda, was tied as an offering to the Sea Demons.

North to the Sea Mosque is the Armenian Monastery where the wounded and sick Napoléon soldiers were housed after the deadly battle they fought to conquer the city.

Etzel Museum. Those are the only remaining of Menashia : the first Jaffa neighborhood build outside of the city in the early 18th. Century in order to absorb the immigration waves, both Muslims and Jews that washed the city.

behind the Intercontinental hotel we can see the Neve Zedek houses: this is the first neighborhood founded by Jaffa Jews.

first Tel Aviv neighborhood named “Ahuzat Bayt”. It was the initiative of group of wealthy Jews issue form Jaffa and Neve Zedek willing to build an exemplary city according to a European model.

The Declaration of Independence was made also from this neighborhood, in the first Knesset building, on Rothschild Blv.

Opera Tower,between Yona Hanavi and Geula Str. used to be the Savoy Hotel. In 1975, Palestinians Terrorists that arrived from Lebanon with Zodiac boats hit the shore just in front of the Hotel and attacked it, killing 8 civilians.

Dan Hotel, designed and painted by the famous Ron Agam, the peculiar painting gives the building a Kinetic effect. By the way, the colors are exactly the same like the sculpture that used to be in the middle of the Dizengoff square.

Altalena  boat. There was a violent confrontation between the newly created Israel Defense Forces against and the Irgun also known as Ezel,, one of the Jewish paramilitary groups that were in the process of merging to form the IDF. The boat was loaded with weapons and fighters by the independent Irgun. The bombing caused the death of 20 soldiers, all Jews, all from the Ezel organization.

Atarim square, what is called a “brutalist architecture” and a complete business failure. The square was built upon a very poor neighborhood made of shacks and shanties

On the hill between the Carlton and the Hilton Hotel we can see   the remains of a Muslim cemetery that was evacuated (upon agreement) in 1963 to permit the construction of the Hilton hotel .

Exactly at this spot, in 1933,Haim  Arlozorov, one of the Zionist leader of the time, was murdered. His assassins have never been found. It is believed to be a political murder.

Reading Power Station, constructed in 1937 and named after Rufus Reading, viceroy of India who happens to be very friendly to the Jewish cause. Besides producing electricity, the plant hosted also illegal weapon factory during the independence war. The plant was attacked by Italian air force during the Second World War and by the Egyptian air force during the Independence war.

Tel Aviv port, quite a joke I must say, it is not active today, and actually has never really been…

קיץ 2018

“דנית השכרת יאכטות” וחברת “ChoiceTLV”

הפלגת סיור תל אביב יפו

אתם עומדים לגלות נקודת תצפית על תל אביב שמעט זוכים להכיר, במבט אחד מהים נסקור 4000 שנות היסטוריה, פרוש השם: תל אביב הוא רמז לכך – ארץ ישנה חדשה.

בהפלגה נתמקד בנקודות חשובות בהיסטוריה , ההפלגה תצא ממרינה תל אביב עד ליפו הנמל העתיק בעולם בן 4000 שנה.

סיור ימי לאורך חופי תל אביב ובו נתמקד בנקודות חשובות בהיסטוריה של מדינת ישראל.

הפעילות תתבצע פעמיים בשבוע

יום שני בשעה                 11:00

יום חמישי בשעה              18:00

משך ההפלגה שעה וחצי

יציאה וחזרה ממרינה תל אביב

עלות למבוגר                   150 ₪

עלות ילד                         120 ₪ (עד גיל 12)

ההפלגה תצא במינימום 10 מפליגים

חשוב שתדעו –  אתם הנציגים שלנו מול הלקוח

נשמח לקבל מכם הזמנה לפחות 24 שעות לפני.

להזמנות: 054-6067070 ברק או ישירות לדנית.

אנו זמינים בטלפון בכל שעות היממה, במידה ואין מענה אנא השאירו הודעה ונחזור אליכם בהקדם האפשרי.

על כל הפלגה שתקבעו תקבלו 10% ממחיר ההפלגה, אותם תגבו מהלקוח במעמד ההזמנה. את יתר התשלום אנו נגבה בתחילת ההפלגה.

הזמנה סגורה היא הזמנה שקיבלתם דמי קדימה 10% ממחירה, ושלחתם לנו את פרטי ההזמנה לאישור.

שם המלון שם קונסיירג’ , שם הלקוח, מס’ טלפון, תאריך ההפלגה, שעת ההפלגה.

אנו נפנק את הלקוחות שלכם ונדאג שייהנו מהפלגה ומהשרות שלנו

מאחלים לנו דרך משותפת ומוצלחת

דנית |  ברק – 054-6067070

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