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Kab kem

  • Kab Kem10
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kab Kem

Lincoln 11, Tel Aviv

Opening Hours

Sun – Thu 12:00 – 16:00 Lunch Menu

Sun – Sat 18:00 – 1:00 Kab Kem Night





Kab Kem is a celebration, an act of leisure. It is a culinary experience that originated in thailand and refers to a meeting between friends or family, an evening accompanied with food, alcohol and music.

The food in a Kab Kem meal is piquant and spicy. The alcohol accompanying it washes your mouth, sets the mood, and prepares you for the next bite. We took this unique experience and ‘poured’ it into the wild and boundless Tel Aviv nightlife.

Our distinctive food, lively music, delicious cocktails, and warm hospitality makes Kab Kem an unforgettable encounter between East and West in the beating heart of Tel Aviv


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