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City Bike Tours & Rent

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City Bike Tour & Rent

ZAZUXTREME offer you a variety of amazing city bike tours all around Israel. The best way to go around the city, explore it’s smells, colors and taste the city – and of course how can we forget about burning some calories. Our suggested city tours are: Tel Aviv, Jaffa and Jerusalem. Our crew will provide you with the ultimate & best tour, for the best way to experience the city!

choose E bike or Normal city bike

Facebook: @Zazuxtreme

Order in advance : 050-7521-222 | 03-5220488

Location: 32 Alenby st. Jaffa Tel Aviv


City bike rent: hour-25 NIS  Day-75 NIS

Electric Bike rent: hour-35 NIS Day-120 NIS


City bike | e bike | Touring bike

0-3 Riders 300NIS

3-10 Riders 200NIS

10 + Riders 180NIS

Sun-Sat all day

Bicycle tour in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the unofficial capital of Israel, a city colorful city filled with cultures and people, the city where everyone is accepted and there’s room for everyone. Our tour in Tel Aviv combines historical places of its construction process, leisure and cultural sites as well as parks, beaches and charming corners around the city

The route

The tour will take you through the White Tel Aviv, including the Hatahana complex, Habima Square, Rabin Square, Rothschild Boulevard, Hayarkon Park, the port and the Tel Aviv shoreline.


The tour lasts about 3 hours and is suitable for the entire family. The riding mainly takes place in bicycle lanes and is mostly flat. According to the need, the routes may be adjusted for shorter or longer duration.

Bicycle Tour in Jaffa

Jaffa is a city of history, coexistence, narrow alleys, different cultures and a port. A short tour around Jaffa in which you will see the interesting sites of the city. We’ll go through the harbor, climb up to the Pisga garden and for dessert – Jaffa’s famous flea market.

The route

so what suits you better? Hummus or falafel? Tahini or Shawarma? We offer to combine a stop at one of the local restaurants so you could enjoy a luxurious lunch, Jaffa style.


The tour lasts about 1.5 hours and a meal at a local restaurant may be included.

Bicycle Tour in Jerusalem

what is there more to say about Jerusalem? A city of history, a meeting of religions and cultures, diverse flavors and spectacular views. And of course, the city from which it all began. Zazoo Extreme offers you a bike tour in Jerusalem in which we will try to transmit some of the magic and power of the city to you.

The route

The route throughout Jerusalem and will visit the most important and interesting areas of the city: the Old City and the Jaffa Gate, Mishkenot Sha’ananim, the Tahana complex, the Hanatziv Palace Promenade.

We can offer different routes with different emphases according to your choice. Contact us for details


The duration of the tour is about 3 hours. The degree of difficulty is not high but it must be taken into account that Jerusalem is not a flat city and is characterized by uphills and downhills. In Jerusalem, there are almost no bicycle lanes, therefore the ride will take place on the sidewalk, which is mostly comfortable, but you,will come across several narrow passages.

Outdoor Bike Tours

Go out of the city, breath the fresh air, look at the bright sky and just travel Israel on bikes! Zazuxtreme offer you a variety of bike tours outside of the city, from the north to the south of Israel. Want our team to help you plan your trip? want the trip to fit couples, groups and families? You’ve come to the right place! Leave your details below and we’ll get back to you with the right tour just for you!


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